Garlic Turkish Loaf

Served oven crisp laden with garlic butter $6.00


Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimps with the Clubs own seafood sauce on a bed of salad $12.00


Spring Rolls

Our own special homemade rolls served with Sweet Thai Chilli dipping sauce and salad garnish $12.00


Crumbed Scallops

Salad garnish with lemon & tartare sauce $12.00


All mains served with salad and fries unless otherwise requested.


Ribeye Steak - 250gm

Prime beef cooked to your liking served peppered, garlic, plain or with mushroom sauce $28.00


Battered Blue Cod

Freshly battered blue cod fillets with lemon $28.00

Also served as a 1/2 meal $18.50


Ham Steak

Succulent ham steak grilled to perfection topped with pineapple $21.00


Queen Charlotte Scallops

Large golden crumbed scallops with lemon $27.00

Also served as a 1/2 meal $18.00


Chicken Cordon Bleu

Crumbed chicken breast filled with ham and cheese $25.00


Mixed Grill

Not for the faint hearted. 100gm steak, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, onions, egg and fries $27.00


Chicken Schnitzel

Crumbed chicken schnitzel with salad and fries $17.00


Steak Sammie

Ribeye steak on toasted garlic bread with onions, egg, salad and fries topped with lashings of honey mustard and balsamic $18.00


Chicken Stack

Grilled smoked chicken and bacon layered with brie cheese served on toasted garlic bread and salad topped with aioli, plum sauce and balsamic $18.00


Grilled bacon, sautéed mushrooms

Serves on specialty bread with fries $17.00


Bacon and Eggs

2 x bacon, 2 x eggs and fries $12.00


Sausages and Eggs

2 x sausages, 2 x eggs and fries $12.00


Fish and Chips

2 x Hoki fillets, 2 x eggs and fries $15.00


Mushrooms $4.00

Onions $3.00

Egg $1.50

Mushroom Sauce $4.00

Salad Bowl $6.50

Vegetable side dish $8.50


Please help yourself to condiments and cutlery in restaurant servery


12 years and under $9.00

Mini hotdog and fries

Fish and fries

Chicken nuggets and fries

Ice cream sundae included with their meal


Ice Cream Sundae

3 scoops of vanilla ice cream covered in your choice of topping. Chocolate, strawberry, caramel, and raspberry $8.00


Mixed Berry Partfait

Layers of mixed berry fruit, ice cream and cream $9.50


Sticky Date Pudding

Served warm with caramel sauce $9.50



Check blackboard for today’s flavour $9.50


Come and talk to us for your next up-coming function